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Clown show "The Speech"
directed by Lee Delong
written by Lee Delong & Ralf Wetzel

with Ralf Wetzel as Professor Doktor, Tina Davidson as Dolly, Martine Polen as The Dance Captain and the gang o'clowns: Tom Maes, Tristan Barber, Maruska Fontaine, Laurence Dewaele & Joe Horwood


"The Speech" is clown show in three scenes. The renowned keynote speaker "Professor Doktor" arrives late to the podium after Dolly and her gang o’clowns welcome him with a big opening song and dance number. Professor Doktor tries desperately to begin his speech, but can’t get a word out. Dolly and the clowns give as much encouragement as anyone could want, but it only serves to make Professor Doktor more nervous.


setting the stage for the speech


Dolly & her clown gang

"The Speech" is a hilarious rendition of the torment most every public speaker experiences. Lee Delong, the co-writer and director of the show, cleverly highlights the booby traps and curveballs that defy the average person who steps in front of an audience.


Professor Doktor tries his best ...


... and struggles.

Ralf Wetzel explores the myriad feelings that surge when on stage with stage fright, and comically tries to save face. Tina Davidson sings her way into our hearts with her dulcet tones. The Clown Captain, Martine Polen, keeps the Clown Chorus in choreographic line, and fellow clowns Tom Maes, Tristan Barber, Maruska Fontaine, Laurence Dewaele and Joe Horwood steal the show from Professor Doktor and Dolly in their hopeless efforts to save the show.

"The Speech" is a joyful reminder of the treasure that awaits us if we explore failure rather than avoid it. “The Speech” uses rousing song and dance to open a space of quiet, truthful reflection on competition, failure, and success in the modern world, where to be the best is not necessarily the best.

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