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Black Petra (Crna Petra)
For ages 6-12 


Directed by Lee Delong

With Iva Peter Dragan & Nikolina Majdak

Produced by Triko Cirkus Teatar & Mala Scena

Costume designer: Tea Bašić

Composer: Igor Karlić

Songs in Croatian performed by: Maja Posavec

Lighting design: Milan Kovačević

Art design: Klasja Habjan and Zita Nakić Vojnović

Photos: Ana Šesto

Producer: Vitomira Lončar

Two girls, both named Petra, are the best of friends. They play together every day and do everything that other children do. One day, they discover the virtual world, and their lives begin to change. They find their telephones more exciting than each other and their childish games. They are gradually drawn into cyberspace.


The two Petras are launched on a quest with their virtual identities, which changes their real personalities. They become darker versions of themselves. Their friendship changes, and they discover solitude. They must struggle against insurmountable virtual odds to return to reality, and their true selves. This non-verbal performance, brought to vivacious life through two clowns, addresses the issues children face in a world that is increasingly governed by technology.

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