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Forget about Dulcinea


Written and directed by Lee Delong

With Iva Peter Dragan, Nikolina Majdak, Davorka Horvat and Rok Jurčić

Music by Davorka Horvat

Dramaturg: Marija Antić

Costumes by Hana Letica

Lights by Milan Kovačević

Photos by Jasenko Rasol

Produced by Triko Cirkus Teatar, Cirk Pozor, Canto

In FORGET ABOUT DULCINEA, a fresh reading of the masterpieces of literature drives the comic confusion of classic characters who invade this simple story of subterfuge. The clowns have stumbled onto the classics, and everything explodes. In addition to Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Ibsen, expect intrusions of Dostoyevsky, Miroslav Krleža, and August Šenoa to add spice to this saucy revisitation of the classical canon. Zany characters quoting classical texts out of context, physical comedy, music, and dance all contribute to the madcap race towards an eventual poetry.


To the strains of vaudevillian-style live music played by the actors themselves, and rousing dance numbers, the eccentrics do their best to unravel the real love stories they misquote, which are as old as time. In a small theatre in an even smaller village, an unlikely Maestra dreams of changing the world with her less than likely opus. Her problem is that she has only two actresses and both want to play Juliet. When a pizza delivery guy arrives on the scene with a pizza and amnesia, mayhem ensues as the little troupe’s machinations to cast him as Romeo grow to epic proportions. As Lysander says in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” And he also points out, “So quick bright things come to confusion.”

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